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Internal Security Fund ISF

The European Internal Security Fund (ISF Security) is an EU funding programme designed to finance actions by Member States to support police work and cooperation between 2014 and 2020.

The Internal Security Fund is part of the European internal security strategy. Some EU funds for internal security are no longer administered centrally by the EU Commission, but directly by the Member States. The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) has commissioned the Federal Criminal Police Office with the administration of ISF security. Based on the European Strategy for Internal Security, the ISF pursues the goal of contributing to the provision of a high level of security in the European Union.

The ISF National Programme for Germany, approved by the Directorate General for Internal Affairs, defines the following six main areas of action for ISF security funding:

  • Strengthening the capacity to detect and dismantle criminal networks and to prevent related criminal offences.
  • Professional future-oriented positioning of the police and customs investigation office as a reaction to the dynamic developments in the technology sector, in particular forensic measures
  • Prevention of extremism and deradicalisation / Better protection of citizens against politically motivated crime
    improving national and international exchange of information and data
  • Training in dealing with new techniques and technologies as well as optimisation of special training courses
  • Improving the warning of the population