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The International Dimension

The German Police University (DHPol) has been entrusted with the cooperation with foreign research institutes and institutions as well as the exchange of information on an international level both through the agreement and through supplementary resolutions of the Conference of the Interior Ministers.

International Cooperation

An essential task of DHPol is the maintenance of international relations. We have longstanding and close contacts with comparable educational institutions abroad. Their heads meet regularly at top level conferences organised by the AEPC (Association of European Police Colleges). The AEPC promotes cooperation and coordination between the member institutions beyond the EU and supports, for example, the development of education in South Eastern European countries.

Another important international network of DHPol is its membership in the European Police Academy CEPOL (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training). DHPol is the German part of the CEPOL network. CEPOL has been an agency financed by the EU budget since 2006 by EU Council decision. It deals with the improvement of cross-border police cooperation in Europe. This is done, for example, through the organisation of further training measures by the members within the framework of the network.

Another task is to support the education and training of the member states by developing harmonised curricula.

The DHPol is also a member of the MEPA (Central European Police Academy), which conducts further training courses, particularly in the field of cross-border organised crime, for managers of the intermediate police management representing the seven Central European member states.

Within the framework of the institutional and further bilateral cooperation described above, the DHPol facilitates study visits and participation in training events for foreign police officers in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as for German police officers in the European states and beyond.